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Friday, 13. June 2014

Diseaseless Program - The Children’s Problems With Nightmares
By amandaanthony456, 12:49

Paroxysmal sleep: Sleep is a paroxysmal disorder resulting in several episodes of sleep during the day and inertia and paralysis with / it was noted that there is alert Jenny, recorded cases such as puberty, despite its inception usually in adolescence, and must sleep laboratory studies to establish the diagnosis definitively. Proposes to resort to the treatment (s) to maintain the situation is usually where the use of stimulants to sleep day and antidepressants for frozen by.

Records about (7-15%) of the children’s problems with nightmares and the occurrence of dreams anxiety during REM (sleep phase with rapid movement of the eye) as it wakes the child and becomes awake in a short time, usually recalling the contents of the dream.

Occur nightmares are more common in females than in boys and begin incidents usually before the age of ten, which is common, especially when children have anxiety disorders or affective episodes of night terrors: show cases of night terrors or panic the night usually in the preschool years, and happens act during stage fourth bedroom, usually at the start of the sleep cycle, and the child is the obvious confusion, showing signs of a function of the effectiveness of self-severe (breathing overwrought, , sweating, tachycardia, and slip). Diseaseless Program Review

The complain of demonstrations visual eccentric and seems to be fear and clear, spoke case sleepwalking (sleepwalking) that the child which susceptible to damage due to the expiration of several minutes upon to show the conversion of a clear, usually forgets baby dream content that caused panic.

Ten cases of panic night to retreat with its own and may have a link to a clash of the two types is the recipe evolutionary or accident pleased with predisposing, and said that the incidence among children (2-5%) and is more common in boys than in girls, as noted the presence of model family for the evolution of cases Dread of night, may have a disease associated with high temperature a role in the occurrence of episodes of night terrors.

Nightmares: occur at different ages and can be easily distinguished from episodes of night terrors is here watching the child disturbing dream followed by the case of Clear Tam and the child can remember the dream and it happens In the latter half of the night and it seems the child was scared after waking and respond well to parents and attempts to remove the fear and may find the child difficult to go back to sleep and go away more cases of nightmares with the child’s progress with age.

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Ken Drew & Dr. Patel - Jaundice Newborn Child
By amandaanthony456, 09:56

According to a lot of cortisone in the treatment of asthma, but it must be given wisely and exclusively under the supervision of a doctor and can be given in the form of sprays are also a favorite. There are some preventive medications, which must be taken for a long time.

Jaundice newborn child:

A large proportion of infected newborns in the yellowish color of the skin and eyes and is what is called jaundice yolk or other labels by country. Jaundice is a rise in the value of the material in the baby's blood called bilirubin.

And more cases of jaundice in a newborn child called physiological jaundice. Jaundice occurs when some newborns as a result of several reasons, the most important is the lack of maturity of the child when the liver. Mild cases and medium of jaundice go away on their own without treatment Cases of jaundice severe need separate treatment in the hospital. Diseaseless Program by Ken Drew & Dr. Patel

Explanation: jaundice newborn child before everything does not help give the baby sugar water or serum diabetes or put the baby under the light bulb neon remove the yellow color of the child and this exercise wrong and dangerous because it gives parents a false sense of safety and that they are treating the child while the bilirubin values are on the rise has hurt the baby.

Get a large percentage of newborns yellowish in color of the skin and eyes and is what is called jaundice yolk or other labels by country. shows jaundice usually in the second or third day after birth the jaundice which can be seen from the first moment of the birth of a child is a medical condition does not apply it all will respond to this page and all jaundice notes from the first moment of the birth of calls to consult your pediatrician immediately without any delay because it may hide his successor diseases important.

More cases of jaundice when a newborn child is called jaundice physiological and password physiologist means that jaundice is natural and will disappear on its.

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Diseaseless Program Review - Diseases Of Growth
By amandaanthony456, 08:29

The family is in trouble: it is not expected that the baby come to complain of suffering psychological Therefore it is worth to parents or teachers note the following:

1 - Diseases of growth and often have reasons for membership, but the interaction with disabilities appears myself disorder walk and talk and movement.

2 - Diseases of emotion, behavior disorders which is about behaviors of others along for the existence of psychological pressure.

3 - Diseases physiological psychological or what is known disorders physical. Factors influencing and assistance to disorders of children are multiple, including psychological and social factors and organic diseases and genetic factors. How do you deal with your child? 

Needs children Love to moderate and impose a consistent and clear to the child and the interest in finding role models that the child understands. The lack of attention from parents or violence leads to a sense of disorder and then indifference to the feelings of others. Diseaseless Program

It has been found that theft and violence become the qualities of those children in old age. when pressed mother in the delivery of her child to the point of perfection in terms of behavior and shape, cleanliness and intelligence, they’ll love it, but when it does come true desire, the actions of the mother turns into a kind of estrangement and cruelty and punishment unjustified to reach him to ambitions.

I have known since antiquity that child care and care of the aspects of the formal without providing love and passion necessary for it produces a kid anxious, may have a behavior shows.

Factors influencing and leading to the disorder of children psychological:

1 - Mental disorders in the parents, especially the mother, whether mental illness or mental or personality disorder.

2 - The aspirations and hopes of the child in a large family in making a tense situation, when the child fails to feel inferior and parental stress. The subject of parents of their child to the methods not afford.

3 - widening the family and interact with the brothers, it was found that the presence of four or more children in one family may reduce the level of intelligence a little bit, and reduces the level of performance in school and may lead to child delinquency rate doubled compared to the family small. 

It also found that the large number of family members and the lack of parental care and space limitations of the factors affecting negatively on the health of the child.

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Diseaseless Program - Symptoms Of Polio
By amandaanthony456, 07:56

Symptoms of polio like symptoms of many diseases, which are sore throat, fever and headache. There are two types of polio vaccine, protects against both man - God willing - of the three diseases of polio. Explanation: Polio definition: Polio serious infection caused by a virus, infects and may affect young adults sometimes may lead to a complete motor paralysis. Most patients infected with polio paralyzed permanent, because the paralysis may occur degrees in several groups of muscles.

There are two types of polio two spinal paralysis and bulbar paralysis, and Parkinson’s syndrome after. And spinal paralysis is the most common species of this type occurs when the virus attacks the paralysis of nerve cells that control the muscles in both legs, arms, torso and diaphragm, abdomen and pelvis. 

The paralysis is one of the most dangerous types of polio, and arises as a result of disruption of the nerve cells in the brain stem, and control some of these nerves in the muscles of swallowing and moving eyes and tongue, face and neck, may be affected as well as the nerves that control breathing and circulation of fluids in the body. DiseaselessReviewScam.Com

Causes: There are three Viruses lead to polio, called Type I, II and III. Where the attack living cells and infection transmitted through the nose, mouth and reach the intestine, and with the blood supply to the brain by nerve fibers or blood-borne to the central nervous system.

Then enter into the nerve cell and multiply rapidly until cell or die, resulting paralysis when laceration several cells. Symptoms: Symptoms of polio like symptoms of many diseases, which are sore throat, fever, headache and vomiting, and these symptoms are so mild that it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose as polio, and the severe injuries they have the same symptoms earlier but, starts stiffness in the muscles of the back and neck muscles become weak and movement difficult, has pain occurs in each of the back and legs, especially if it became a member tight or lying, has been unable rights stand or walk if it managed to polio. 

Means of treatment: prevention is better than cure, there are two types of polio vaccine, protects against both man - God willing - of the three diseases, polio. The vaccine is given in the form of a typical doses in four doses, first dose is given at the end of the third month of age, and the second at the end of the fourth month, and the third at the end of the fifth month, the fourth dose and last a booster dose may be given at the end of the eighteenth month.

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Thursday, 12. June 2014

Diseaseless Program Review Scam - Ability To Engage In Sexual Activity
By amandaanthony456, 15:38

That theory is intuitive in terms of the ability to get an erection and continue long enough to enjoy intercourse successful based on the integrity of the nervous and vascular If you got a blockage in the arteries of the penis as a result of diabetes or hyper blood pressure or increase in the blood, smoking and recession without practice sports and other may cause a shortfall of sexually may alert to the presence of pests lurking in the arteries of the heart or brain and extremities can lead to stroke, heart attack or strokes or blockage of an artery in the man if diagnosed accurately, quickly and treated properly it is extremely important to conduct tests and analyzes necessary to exclude the existence of such pests before caused disease cardiovascular when any person with impotence and who owns those factors that qualify him to injury to those conditions.

It is also necessary to investigate the presence of ED in men infected with diseases, cardiovascular to be able to treat or prevent it. , and either in the event of injury The man suffered a heart attack or myocardial infarction, or vascular disease and must be converted to other specialist cardiovascular disease to determine the degree of seriousness of his injury and his ability to engage in sexual activity without any risk of it. Diseaseless Program

Those cases have been classified into several categories and offered valuable suggestions as to the need to do advanced cardiac tests before allowing the patient having intercourse. As for the drugs Viagra and Levitra and Cialis «Senates» showed a safety to millions of patients and did not correlate with any use of the symptoms of a heart attack or vascular deaths or serious but rarely or in the event of the use of medication with nitrates.

Therefore absolutely forbidden to integrate these two treatments together or take drugs sexuality with some alpha inhibitors and one used to treat symptoms of benign pro-static hyperplasia.

As we have said repeatedly, the best treatment for the majority of these cases is based on the prevention of refraining from smoking and follow a regular diet and exercise daily for half an hour and stay away from situations that cause stress and pressure and intellectual depression and despair and enjoy life happily, fun and avoid serious diseases and painful and vexing to the quality of life willing God. 

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